Collective Commitments 8.1.2022


Collective Commitments 

Team Ag Ed collectively commits to:

  1. Engage in the delivery of the Three Component Model.
    Every Student, Every Class, Everyday.
    100% Three Circle Club
    Process oriented rather than results focused.
  2. Create an inviting environment where all can flourish.
    Zest for the profession
    Communicate positively and with purpose
    Listen to all views and allow grace in the struggle.
    Humility in the process, assume best intentions and seek to understand.
  3. Work Collaboratively, Ethically and Professionally
    Embrace difficulties
    Build Consensus
    Identify opportunities for win-win
    Challenge the status quo
  4. Take action, follow through and deliver results.
    Create milestones
    Establish timelines
    Report metrics.