Agriculture Education CLNA Presentation

Iowa Department of Education - Perkins V

Recorded Presentation

CLNA Presentation Video (My apologies, I missed the record button for first 7 minutes - the main information is included.)

Short Clip Videos

Introduction to the CLNA
Element 1 Student Performance Data
Element 2 Size, Scope and Quality; Programs of Study
Element 3 Labor Market Information
Element 4 Recruitment, Retention of Educators
Element 5 Equity and Access
Element 6 Building/Program Safety
Budget, Application and Next Steps in the CLNA

Data Contacts


Amy Vybiral - Workforce data - [email protected] 515-339-4520
Jeff Fletcher - Student Performace - [email protected] 515-321-7309


Links to CLNA Docs

CLNA Folder - All Documents included here.

CLNA Guidebook (Gives you opportunity to make a 'COPY')

CTSO Perkins Guidance

CLNA Training Document

CLNA Template (Gives you opportunity to make a 'COPY')

CLNA Consortium Worksheets (Gives you opportunity to make a 'COPY')